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I first became aware of breast cancer when my mother was diagnosed in 1994. My mother's only option was a modified radical mastectomy. She and I tried to find pictures of what she would look like, but only found pencil drawings of thin, flat, straight scars. Most women do not look like that, although by inference from the material available they may think they will. So, when my mother's bandages came off for the first time in the hospital she did not look like the drawings we saw. My mother felt mutilated and alone. It was at that point that I felt no woman should ever feel that way. A Breast Cancer Picture Book was needed that would provide Breast Cancer Photos. And so began a six year photographic journey of photographing women of all ages, ethnic groups, and socio-economic backgrounds. I photographed women with mastectomies, reconstructive surgery, and lumpectomies. It was and is important to me to represent ALL women because breast cancer does not discriminate.

Each photograph is accompanied by a testimonial written by each woman telling in her own words, her experiences with breast cancer. It is my hope that any women faced with breast cancer can pick up The First Look, look at the photographs and read the stories, and feel comfort in knowing that she is not alone.

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