Amelia Davis

Amelia specializes in capturing unique portraits and candid moments. All of the photographs in this portfolio are for sale. Please contact us for more information about Amelia’s other projects. Amelia is available for hire.

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Amelia Davis, the sole beneficiary of legendary photographer Jim Marshall's estate, is pleased to announce the formation of Jim Marshall Photography LLC.

The primary goal of the new company is to preserve and protect Jim's extraordinary legacy as a discerning photojournalist and a pioneer of rock and roll photography, through sales and licensing of his work and by presenting his work to international audiences in a variety of appropriate forms, including publications, exhibitions, and the development of a comprehensive catalogue as a reference for the totality of his life's work.

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Moving forward is what life is all about. We Keep Moving is a site for people affected by multiple sclerosis – unique stories about what it means to live with MS and journeys of overcoming the obstacles – how we each keep moving in our own way.

Join photographer Amelia Davis, host Jason DaSilva, and producer Kate Milliken, in an amazing ten-week journey across the country.

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This highly engaging, beautifully illustrated book poignantly portrays the lives of 32 men and women with MS.

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